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Life is a cabaret / 22 October 2014

For some bizarre reason when I am sick in bed my brain tends to throw up jolly 'look on the bright side' soundtracks from from movies like Cabaret, Song of the south, and even, god help us, Mary Poppins. The worse the pain the more persistent the 'cheer up and be brave in the face of adversity' the song. A spoonful of sugar does not help my medicine go down. Not now, not ever. 

Let me make this clear, these songs arriving uninvited on my internal iPod do not cheer me up. Not even a little bit. In this condition I am impervious to all attempts at self affirmations, positive thinking, relaxation, mindfulness, living in the now (especially as the 'now' is bloody awful) and being a brave little soldier.

This situation is more akin to the final scene of The life of Brian or the sinking of The Titanic than Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah. It's only purpose seems to be to throw up images that illustrate the widening gulf between my uncomfortable present reality and the irritatingly cheery words of the song.

Let's kick off with this one.